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Payroll Tax Problems

The consequences of failing to file, deposit, or pay business payroll taxes can be pretty severe, so if you're currently facing payroll tax problems, the first thing you should do is get the advice of an experienced tax lawyer or tax consultant. The payroll tax penalty can quickly add up, and with interest on top of the taxes and penalties, the cost having unpaid payroll taxes can be astronomical. Whether you're looking for payroll tax help or other forms of business tax relief, we can help. Call or e-mail us today for effective solutions to a variety of tax problems in Charlotte.

The Levy Group of Tax Professionals - Payroll TaxesThe Levy Group of Tax Professionals has been helping self-employed people, small businesses, and corporations obtain business tax relief and payroll tax help since 1991. With a total of 22 years of experience in helping clients resolve company tax problems, we bring you the knowledge and expertise to straighten out your difficulties with the IRS.

One of the advantages of turning to The Levy Group of Tax Professionals for business tax relief and payroll tax help in the Charlotte area is that our tax consultants are authorized to negotiate directly with the IRS on you behalf. We use a variety of strategies to significantly reduce or eliminate your tax problems, including penalty abatement techniques, negotiating payment plans with the IRS, and working with you to submit an offer in compromise. Call us to find out more about our payroll tax help, company tax relief options, and the effective strategies we use to resolve tax problems.

The Levy Group of Tax Professionals is a family owned tax resolution firm that's dedicated to helping local businesses and individuals get the tax relief, IRS representation, and tax settlement help they need to regain control of their financial life. We provide emergency service, free estimates, and the expertise you need for sorting out and resolving tax problems. Our highly qualified staff includes experienced tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and other tax resolution professionals who will help put your IRS difficulties behind you.

Give us a call today so we can get started reviewing your situation and identifying viable strategies for overcoming your business tax debt problems. Whether you have concerns about unpaid payroll taxes, tax penalties, or other company tax problems, you can count on our team of licensed tax consultants to help you address those issues in the most effective way possible.

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